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Mobile Mechanics

Operating throughout Epsom & Surrey.

MAP Automotive provide customers throughout the area with a range of mobile mechanic services. Our team of professionals are equipped with a range of specialist tools and diagnostic systems to find the cause of your problem and efficiently put a solution in place to allow you to get on with your day.

Take a look through the range of services that we can provide you at either your home or place of work. We are always willing to adapt our service in any way possible.


Brake Repairs

Notice a squeak when you apply the brake pedal? Does your wheel shudder when you brake? Our team of mechanics will be able to diagnose your problem and inspect the condition of your brakes at either your place of work or your property.  Our technicians are equipped with certified parts to expertly replace your brake disks and brake pads within a matter of hours.

Full Diagnostics

When you experience a problem with your car but don't know the cause is, your whole world can come to halt, and you can become scared to drive your car. Our team of mechanics are always on hand to provide a full diagnostics check of your car. They will listen to your account, conduct a full visual and audio inspection and connect your vehicle up to our diagnostic machine. Our team will find the exact cause and provide you with a free quotation.

Car Servicing

It is incredibly important that your car is serviced annually. This is to ensure that all parts of your engine are operating efficiently, and no damage is being caused by worn parts.

Our team will carry out a full service, changing the oil & filter, monitoring the condition of your engine and replacing the air filter.

We will provide you with any problems that we have noticed and what you should look out for in the future.

Looking for professional help?

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