Engine Lights Epsom

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Has an engine light recently come on in your vehicle? Do not worry! Here at MAP Automotive, we can find a quick and affordable solution, getting your car back up and running in no time.

All cars have a range of dashboard warning lights, such as faults with the battery and oil pressure, that match to different systems within the vehicle. On many vehicles, these lights will appear for a short amount of time when you first switch on the ignition and should soon go out again. If one or more of these warning lights stays on when you are driving, there could be a problem with your car.

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Unsure what your engine light means?

With all makes and models welcome, our team of mechanics are highly experienced in providing vehicle maintenance, regular servicing and MOTs and resolving engine lights in Epsom. We use the very latest engine tuning equipment to diagnose and fix the most complex cars and models.

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