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EGR Maintenance

Mobile mechanics for EGR repair & replacement.

MAP Automotive have years of experience, repairing and maintaining EGR valves. Our experts will be able to find the direct cause of the problem and explain what has caused this. Our team have close connections with many of the industry's top suppliers, which enable them to source parts quickly.

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Do you need a EGR Valve repair?

Our technicians are highly trained and skilled in EGR repair and maintenance. We have invested in training in this area to enable us to find the direct cause of the fault and put a solution in place.

As with any professional company, we always insist on us diagnosing your fault. This isn’t just retrieving a fault code from your car's ECU but identifying the exact cause of your problem. This could be a whole number of things, from a faulty sensor, ECU fault, blocked valve to a loose wire.

Signs of EGR Valve Failure

  • Losing power on acceleration.
  • Rough idle or stalling.
  • Excessive smoke from exhaust.
  • Fuel odour around the vehicle.
  • Failed Emissions test.

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