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DPF filters are an incredibly common fault with all diesel cars. Take some time to learn a bit more about the filter, why it may have gone wrong, and what our team can do to put it right. MAP Automotive is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment to allow them to repair and clean your DPF filter.

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What is a DPF Filter?

DPF is a filter that captures the soot from the exhaust of your vehicle to help reduce carbon emissions. One of the reasons for a failure is regular short trips, which doesn't allow the exhaust to get hot enough to burn off the soot.

What are the signs of a blocked DPF?

Reduced Power - once your vehicle has detected that your DPF filter is no longer efficient or working correctly, the whole vehicle will go into 'limp home mode'. This means a drastic reduction in power and acceleration.

Stop/ Start System Disabled - Another easy sign to spot is your vehicle stop/ start system is no longer working while you are driving around.

What Causes a DPF Failure?

  • Driving style (possibly the biggest cause of DPF issues)
  • A faulty EGR valve or other sensor on the cars emission system.
  • Faulty or failed fuel injector.
  • Faulty turbo charger.
  • Poor servicing or using the incorrect grade oil for your cars engine.
  • Additive tank low or empty (if fitted)

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