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Brake Repairs

Mobile brake repairs & replacements.

MAP Automotive is equipped with the tools and parts to replace and repair your braking system while you are on the go. Our team of mechanics will work around you to provide a service that is stress-free and convenient, from working outside your home to your place of work.

Our mechanics are highly skilled and will only ever carry out repairs that are needed. Clear, transparent prices with no hidden extras.



MAP Automotive will come to you to carry out your brake repairs on your doorstep. We can accurately diagnose and repair your car without the need to remove it from your sight. Providing you with a cost-effective service at a time and place that suits you. Our work comes with a minimum of 12 months warranty for our labour and all the parts which we use.


Our team will diagnose your fault and provide you with a no-obligation quote for the repairs. Our experts will explain to you the problem with the brakes and what has caused it. From here, they will source parts that are specified for your vehicle and model. MAP Automotive only use certified parts.

What can cause this?

  • Damaged rotor disks - not getting enough grip to slow vehicle down.
  • Brake fluid leak - can cause the breaks to not recieve the right amount of force.
  • Brake pads worn - these are the parts which apply pressure to the disks to slow your vehicle down.
  • Distortion - some brake disks have been known to warp under the heat of braking.

Looking for professional help?

Get in touch with our team today for more information and to arrange an appointment with one of our trained mechanics.